Science Fair Mini-Grants for Schools

Apply Now! Rolling Deadline: please note that applications received after November 30th will apply to the next school year cycle.

Grants up to $4,000 to start a sustainable science fair program in your school!

Eligible Schools:

All schools with grades 6-12 in Massachusetts that currently do not offer, OR wish to expand their annual sustainable Science and/or Engineering Fair program with teams of teachers who wish to bring science & engineering practices into their classrooms.

Benefits of becoming a GEMS school

  1. Grants up to $1,000 for the first year; or up to $4,000 for a sustainable 3-year program.
  2. Tuition Scholarships for CMI Courses for up to 5 STEM teachers enroll in
  3. Science Fair consultant to visit your school upon request
  4. Invitations for Teachers & School Leaders to:
    • Join meetings of the MSSEF High School Committee that helps to shape policy and organize the statewide science fair programs.
    • Attend MSSEF Educator Day (free) at MIT – a look behind-the-scenes at the statewide Science & Engineering Fair for high school students held annually in May.

Collaborative History

The Gelfand Endeavor in Massachusetts Schools (GEMS) teamed up with the Massachusetts Science & Engineering Fair (MSSEF) through its "Curious Minds Initiative" (CMI). The collaborative goal is to help increase the number of Massachusetts schools and teachers that use inquiry and project-based learning for teaching STEM. GEMS aims to inspire students through direct engagement in the discovery process and the excitement of science fair competition.
Over the past seven years, MSSEF data demonstrates that teams of teachers from a school are twice as successful as individual teachers in preparing their students for the science fair experience, suggesting the importance of multiple teacher participation and if possible, school-wide.
Through partnerships with individual schools and districts, GEMS provides science educators with the requisite training, resources, and tools to integrate real-world, inquiry-based learning activities into their existing curricula, and to create school-based Science & Engineering Fair Initiatives. GEMS has funded 46 Massachusetts public and charter schools over 3 to 5 years and is currently working with 20 schools (87% in high-needs districts).


For more information on how to become a GEMS school, email us at: