We want to help student projects be Science Fair Ready!

MSEF offers an ‘on-boarding’ program as well as year-round support for teachers to bring student-led STEM programs to their students. Opportunities focus on the nuts and bolts of running a science and engineering research program that will feed into fair structure. Our goal is to use the scientific inquiry model and engineering design process to create an iterative framework that supports student discovery and promotes identification as science learners. We provide mini-lessons and through dissemination of curated resources. Focus areas include:

  • Model entry event and phenomena-based activities to generate interest and project ideas
  • Creating a project design that incorporates feedback cycles
  • Collecting, analyzing and representing data
  • Managing a timeline and identifying performance tasks
  • Maximizing opportunities to use mentors and external experts
  • Tools to help with student recruitment

Explore the recommended structure and resources available of the Science Fair Ready Framework. Learn more here.

Upcoming Training and Planning Meetings for Teachers
Find dates and details in our most recent newsletter.

MSEF Information Sessions are scheduled throughout the year to provide an orientation to the science fair process and project components for teachers.

MSEF Office Hours: These scheduled video sessions will be an opportunity to learn about key stages and resources of the Science & Engineering Fair process through discussion with experienced teachers.

MSEF Community Discussions: These scheduled video sessions will be an opportunity to dive into specific topics and discuss with teachers across the state. These are facilitated by MSEF and a teacher co-host.

Resources for Students

This page explores the handbooks, videos and podcasts that can support your Science Fair journey. Resources include materials created for you by other MSEF participants across the state. These materials are suitable for both Middle School and High School students to explore.

Mentors, Judges and Coaches: Interested in volunteering? Contact info@scifair.com to find out more.

  • Classroom mentor matches
  • BIPOC Coach Program
  • One-shot student support opportunities
  • Fair judging