The Massachusetts Science & Engineering Fair is open to all students from public, private and parochial schools (grades 9-12) throughout the state, including "home schools".
There are two ways to qualify to enter:
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1. Qualify through the MA Regional Science Fairs

There are six Regional Science Fair organizations located across Massachusetts. Each regional science fair may send 40-50 of their top-scoring student projects to the statewide Science & Engineering Fair, provided that the students are certified by the Regional Fair Chairperson. The exact number of projects is determined by the formula: 40 + 10% *(number of projects over 100), up to a maximum of 50 projects. The top-scoring projects and paperwork will be shared with the MSEF for registration after the Regional Fair is over.

To qualify, students must have their research plans approved by regional SRC BEFORE they begin experimentation.

All High School projects must be submitted to zFairs according to the region your school is in (please check here if you don't know what region you are in):

Student Guide to zFairs Click Here

Contact your Regional Fair Chair for more information on how to qualify for the Regional Science Fairs.

2. Qualify through Your School or Your School’s Science Fair (Direct Entry)

Each school may send up to two additional student projects to the statewide Science Fair (either an individual or team project). To qualify, students must have their research plans approved by regional SRC BEFORE they begin experimentation, and then must be selected by their school to participate (please see the information above for project approval for regional fairs). Direct entry names/projects must be provided/confirmed by the school to the MSEF at within 5 school days after the date of your regional fair.

Important - All Massachusetts schools are encouraged to first enter their students in their Regional Science Fairs, where students may be selected for the statewide science fair and the International Science and Engineering Fair (ISEF) if they have one of the top-scoring projects. (because of the date of ISEF, it is not possible to qualify for ISEF at the statewide fair, however, if you become a delegate for ISEF you must attend MSEF)

Students who qualify through the Regional Science Fairs have the advantage of gaining feedback from judges on how to improve their projects, enabling students to refine their work before the statewide Science Fair.

Please Note:

  • Save the Dates: Students are expected to participate in all events of the high school Massachusetts Science & Engineering Fair at MIT.
  • Schedule your SAT & AP Exams to avoid conflicts: Students are encouraged to schedule their SAT & AP exams to avoid any conflicts with the Science Fair schedule. If this is not possible, students should take these exams in the Cambridge/Boston area so they may arrive at the Science Fair on time. High school guidance counselors can advise students about how to arrange to take these exams away from students’ respective schools.
  • Public Showcase: An exciting time to share your work with visitors. All students must be present at their projects for the public showcase of projects at 12:30 P.M. on the Saturday of the Science Fair.
Important dates

2022 Massachusetts Science & Engineering Fair (MSEF): Friday, May 6, 2022

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