The judging process will focus on what the student has learned about his or her chosen project and the process used in completing the project. In addition, the project will be judged based on the student’s ability to discuss the overall scope and significant results of his or her work. Judging criteria for team and individual projects are identical.

  1. Scientific or Engineering Approach – Possible 25 points
    • Did the student start with a clearly stated hypothesis or statement of an engineering goal?
    • Was the student orderly and logical with the setup and follow through of the project?
    • Were the student’s conclusions consistent with the data he or she collected?
  1. Knowledge of Project Area – Possible 20 points
    • How effectively did the student conduct preliminary research?
    • What was the extent of the student’s knowledge of material related to project?
    • Was the student aware of both the scope and limitations of the project?
  1. Thoroughness – Possible 20 points
    • Did the student do sufficient research in the literature before starting the project?
    • Was thorough use made of data and observations?
    • Was the original plan successfully followed through to completion?
  1. Written Records and Reports – Possible 15 points
    • Did the student keep an original handwritten, bound logbook with all plans, procedures, observations, and conclusions for failures as well as successes?
    • Did the student put together an accurate written report, complete with work cited?
  1. Ingenuity and Creativity – Possible 15 points
    • Was the explanation of the project clear and precise?
    • How well did the student use his or her materials in the solution of problems?
    • Did the student present any new unique ideas?
  1. Visual presentation – Possible 5 points
    • Was the project displayed in a logical and organized manner?
    • Did the display and posters effectively convey the message in an understandable manner?