A Graduate Course from MSEF’s Curious Minds Initiative (CMI)

Complete to earn 3 graduate credits.
TSIP is part of the STEM Certificate in Inquiry from Framingham State University.
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Location: TBA
If interested in coordinating a training, please contact us at cmi@scifair.com.

About TSIP

Provides teachers with practical strategies to infuse more inquiry into their teaching practice and existing curricula. TSIP is a hands-on course, and science teachers bring 2-3 of their existing labs or classroom activities that they will adapt in order to make greater use of inquiry-based techniques.

TSIP Benefits

  • New ways to integrate inquiry into your curriculum: Revise 2-3 of your lesson plans or lab activities to include inquiry techniques.
  • Optional low-cost graduate credit - $300 for 3 graduate credits.
  • Motivate your students with the "real-world" discovery process.
  • Teams of teachers get priority acceptance: Be part of a supportive team to enable your success back in the school and classroom.
  • Receive a special invitation to participate in MSEF Educator Day

TSIP – A Practical Way to Learn About the Inquiry Model of Teaching!

Through investigations, discussions, presentations, activities, and analysis of lessons and samples of student work, teachers will learn ways to Connect inquiry classroom activities with Massachusetts Curriculum Frameworks and help students to experience the key steps in "real-world" scientific research and engineering invention, including how to:

  • Develop an appropriate experimental question
  • Conduct and design a valid experiment
  • Record and analyze data
  • Draw conclusion(s) and present results

MSEF Educator Day | When and Where: TBA

Apply for a travel stipend and/or matching support for a substitute teacher! A special free conference held on Friday during the Science & Engineering Fair for high school students. Highlights include: walking the Exhibition Hall of 300 “Best of the Best” high school student science fair projects in Massachusetts; a seat in the Judge Orientation Program (with ~300 judges from academia and industry); feedback and discussion inquiry and project-based approaches in your teaching practice; and breakfast and lunch!

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