WPI Research Experience for Teachers (RET)

WPI Research Labs on Campus Worcester, MA

In this 6 week summer program, WPI will be pairing five in-service and pre-service teachers to attended workshops and conduct research based on ideas such as healthy lives, clean energy, and climate action. Thanks to a grant from the National Science Foundation, this program will be heavily focused around the United Nations Sustainable Developement Goals.... Read more »

Wade Institute for Science Education: Bringing Realtime Date into the Classroom

Lloyd Center for the Environment Dartmouth, MA

In a part of the Wade Institute;s schedule of summer professional development, MSEF is partnering to host a 5 Day workshop for grades 6-12 Educators. Discover how to integrate research and real-time data collection into your science curriculum! Experience multiple entry points for hands-on, place-based science and participate in collaborative projects with professional scientists. Explore... Read more »