Our speakers are excited to share their academic and professional pathways as well as how their experiences and passions have influenced their careers. Each session will have an interactive Q & A component, so please bring your questions.


May 14 – Nathan Blazon-Brown, Graduate Student – https://youtu.be/sVDv2gZw8Mw

Nate Blazon-Brown holds a B.S. in Biology-Biotechnology from UMASS Lowell and is earning his masters in Biotechnology from Harvard Extension School. He works as a Research Associate supporting the manufacturing of a gene therapy product. He is a MSEF alum from Methuen, Region IV.


May 19 – Nick Rabb, PhD Student – https://youtu.be/OzYOuYEO-hQ

Nick Rabb is a PhD student at Tufts University jointly studying Computer Science and Cognitive Science. After completing his BS in Computer Science at the Rochester Institute of Technology, and working as a professional software engineer, his turn to research has focused thus far on modeling the process of scientific reasoning – abductive reasoning. Outside of his academic research, Nick spends his remaining time engaging in political organizing with the Sunrise Movement, and Massachusetts Peace Action. His interests bring him to be chiefly concerned with using computation and cognition research to investigate political phenomena at the individual and group level.


May 20 – Cecilia Hinojosa, PhD Candidate – https://youtu.be/dGeQshtcnLM

Cecilia (Ceci) Hinojosa is a fourth-year PhD candidate in the Experimental Psychology Program at Tufts. A first-generation college graduate, the first person in her immediate and extended family to pursue a PhD, and a Mexican-American woman, she graduated from the University of Texas at El Paso (UTEP) where she conducted research in two labs for three and a half years and completed two summer research internships. It was during these research experiences that she found her passion in neuroscience and applied to Tufts to work under the guidance of Dr. Lisa Shin where they focus on trying to better understand the neural abnormalities that are present in individuals with post-traumatic stress disorder.


May 21 – Richard Parent, MustangBio – Part 1: https://youtu.be/aD49CEccqww

Rich Parent is a multi-disciplined research scientist with a broad set of analytical and technical skills, from working across a variety of start-up and hospital settings focused on infectious disease, immunology, and biology research. His passion for teaching found him in the classroom as an Adjunct Professor in microbiology and in the high school classroom for years as a biotechnology teacher. He now works with MustangBio, a clinical-stage biopharmaceutical company focused on translating today’s medical breakthroughs in cell and gene therapies into potential cures for hematologic cancers, solid tumors and rare genetic diseases.


May 26 – Maurice (Mo) Steinman, Lightelligence – https://youtu.be/KKPnyChPTSQ

Mo Steinman has enjoyed a career in the tech industry lasting more than three decades, working for such companies as Digital, Compaq, HP, Intel, AMD, and now an AI startup called Lightelligence. A veteran of many successful chip design projects and product introductions, Mo has expertise in System on Chip (SoC) architecture, SoC interconnect, computer memory subsystems, power management and technical project management. Mo graduated from Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute (RPI) with a BS in Computer & Systems Engineering and is a named inventor on over 40 computer architecture patents.


May 27 – Lei Poo, Analog Devices – https://youtu.be/TWiIG2aVv8A

Lei currently leads the Systems Architecture team in the E-Mobility group under the Automotive Business Unit at Analog Devices. She previously led the Security Architecture and Platforms team to build HW embedded security into ADI’s silicon products for Industrial Ethernet and Wireless Battery Monitoring Systems. Prior to joining ADI, Lei was with NXP, Broadcom and Marvell where she was formerly an embedded systems and security architect who designed secure chip/controller solutions for Smartcard/Smartphones, Set-top boxes, and Secure Disk Drives. Lei received a PhD in Electrical Engineering from Stanford University (2005) and holds 19 US patents in the areas of HW embedded security and algorithms.


May 28 – Sean Cotton, Synlogic – https://youtu.be/NeP29TeCDMs

Sean Cotton works as a strain engineer on the synthetic biology team at Synlogic, a small biotechnology company in Cambridge, MA. Synlogic engineers a probiotic strain of Escherichia coli (E. coli) to serve as a living therapeutic, a “synthetic biotic”. He has a BS in biology from Brandeis University in Waltham, MA and a MEng in biomedical engineering from Boston University. He has been fortunate to combine his training in molecular biology, microbiology, and engineering into his role as a synthetic biologist, where designs biological circuits into a living organism.


June 2 – Joyce Wu, Analog Devices – https://youtu.be/x-oya-fw1Qo

Joyce Wu graduated with degrees in Electrical Engineering from the University of Michigan and MIT. She started her career in failure analysis of computer chips at Intel. After completing her PhD, she joined a startup Pixtronix, making new low-power displays (or screens) for portable devices. Now she is at Analog Devices, Inc., working with startups to bring biosensor technology to market, including diagnostics for infectious diseases such as COVID-19.


June 3 – Rajni Aneja, Sanofi Genzyme – https://youtu.be/u5KoRw_dQ6c

Dr. Aneja is Head of Digital Strategy at Sanofi with board member roles at MIT, Oliver Wyman, MedCity News and acting as an Advisor to Harvard Innovation Labs. She was formerly the Global Head of Digital Strategy for Novartis. She is a Connection Science Fellow at MIT bringing her expertise in population health management and digital health. She represents different perspectives as a clinician, executive, advisor, entrepreneur, speaker and technology advocate serving in senior leadership roles like chief medical officer for WebMD health, EVP of Joslin and strategic executive, transformation leader at Humana. Dr. Aneja received her MD from Research Medical Center in Kansas City and MBA from University of Massachusetts.


June 4 – Rachael Bonoan, Postdoc, Tufts University – https://youtu.be/vFCOYt57P3Q

Rachael Bonoan is a post-doctoral researcher in the Crone Lab (Tufts University) and the Schultz Lab (Washington State University, Vancouver) studying ant-caterpillar interactions in the South Puget Sound, WA. For her PhD, she studied honey bee behavioral ecology, nutritional ecology, and ecological immunity in the Starks Lab (Tufts University).


June 9 – Jim Doscher, Analog Devices CANCELLED

Jim Doscher spent an over 30 year career running businesses and developing technology at Analog Devices. Jim graduated from Dartmouth College with a degree in engineering, joining ADI after college. After spending time in deep technical engineering work developing new integrated circuits, he transitioned to a marketing and business role where he defined and managed products. For the last 15 years he has led and run a series of businesses at ADI in the area of sensors, fiber optics, MEMs, amplifiers, and interface in industrial, automotive, communications, consumer and healthcare markets. Despite the move to the business side, Jim drew on his engineering education every day. Along the way, he contributed to advances in video gaming, cell phones, airbags, optical communication, wearables, and medical imaging.