The Science & Engineering Project: Requirements and Recommendations

zFairs: Online Platform

All Middle School Regional Fairs use zFairs to have students create an account to upload forms for safety review process. Each Region has their own zFairs site for students to register and upload the appropriate forms.

Teachers need to register first and then students can set up their own account to register. The forms will need to be downloaded, filled out and then uploaded for SRC (Scientific Review Committee) approval through zFairs. Regional zFairs websites are listed on here.

For more information on student registration using zFairs refer to this Student Guide.


  1. Projects should only include research done in the current school year to be eligible for participation at the Middle School level.
  2. Individual projects must be entirely the work of the individual student and team projects (up to 3) must be entirely the work of the team.
  3. Required forms must be submitted to the Regional Scientific Review Committee for approval BEFORE starting experimentation.
  4. Students are required to keep a bound logbook with original, handwritten and dated entries to record each step taken in the development of the project. A composition notebook works well.
  5. Students must have a final lab report, complete with works cited. This should include all the steps of the scientific method or the engineering design process.
  6. Students must have a visual display prepared for presentation at the Fair.


Due before the start of experimentation
The following forms must be uploaded to the student’s Middle School Regional zFairs account:
  • Forms 1A and 1B : Research Plans are required for ALL PROJECTS
  • Form C: Human Informed Consent Form that will be given to subjects before experimentation, if applicable
  • Form D: Designated Supervisor Form, if applicable
    Student must retain a copy of any/all forms.

All Forms and PDFS for qualified MSSEF participants will be uploaded to zFairs by May 18, 2022 by the regions through zFairs (before the State Middle School Science & Engineering Fair)

If you won at a regional fair, you will automatically be promoted to the state fair and no additional paperwork is needed on the student part. Please remember to check email as all correspondence is done via email to teacher, student and parent.